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March - Preparing
April - The Arrival.
May - More Building.
June - Still movin along.
July - I'm done! (minus paint)
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"This build has been one of the most fun experiences of my life!" - The Story

This website is designed as a journal for the build project of FFR1003892RD, the first production Factory Five MKIII Roadster to be on the road & street legal.

My journey started at the 2002 Turkey Run in Daytona. A few months prior, my good friend Humberto & I were tossing around the idea of me building a Cobra and I might be able to see some at the Turkey Run. Well, that's where I saw my very first Factory Five Cobra up close and personal. It was love at first sight! From that moment on I knew I just HAD TO build one. I spent the next year doing research, planning, and just downright annoying my loved ones & friends with this new addiction :)

February 2004 my order for a new MKIII was in at factory Five. This was prior to any MKIII's even being close to shipped.

I received FFR1003892RD on 4-13-04 via Stewart Transport. Began working immediately and went on my first ride in the car (minus body) on 6-27-04. The car was on the road & street legal 7-16-04.

When I first began this project I would write in a journal once a week about the steps of the build that were completed during that week. This system lasted about 2 weeks :)

I found that it was much easier to simply take photos as I went along building the car. Then, once a month I dumped the photos from my digital camera into a folder labeled with that month. I have hundreds of photos, here you will find a collection of just some of the highlights of the build.

I did a lot of planning prior to receiving FFR1003892RD and it all paid off with a very smooth build. That preparation, as well as the extremely high quality of the Factory Five product is what allowed me to complete the car without any problems.

I would like to thank the wonderful members of the forum for all their support and knowledge along the way. They were an incredibly valuable resource for this project. The amount of knowledge in that forum is absolutely astonishing.

I'd also like to thank my fiancÚ, Liana for sticking it out and for supporting my dream of building and owning my very own Cobra. Thanks to Red and Dre for lending a hand whenever I needed it and for your enthusiasm throughout my project.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my website and if you have any questions please do not hesitate in emailing me at:

I can also be found at FFCOBRA under the handle: KOBRA4KRIS

Thanks for stopping by!!

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