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Paint & Body Work
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Paint & Body Work

Paint and Body work was definitely the most difficult part of the build. Probably one of the reasons why I drove the car in gel coat for over a year!

This was my first attempt ever at paint & body work. I am very pleased with the results and having done this I can totally understand why it costs what it does to have a car prepped and painted at a shop. The first time I  slid a long block with some sandpaper over a fresh layer of high build primer I realized....This body needed A LOT of work!

The body work itself was very involved and I spoke to a few body shop owners, studied several books, videos, and online information prior to starting. My basic procedure was as follows.

1. Completely wash body and clean with wax/grease remover.

3. Grind away seams.

2. Look for any and all voids/air pockets in gel coat (found around 12 or so of varying sizes).

3. Fill all seams and voids with epoxy (West Systems).

4. Fill large areas of curves and problems with body filler (Evercoat Rage Extreme).

5. Sand all the above areas flat and true.

6. Spray everything with high build primer (Evercoat FeatherFill G2).

7. Block sand everything.

8. Spray everything with high build primer (Evercoat FeatherFill G2).

9. Block sand everything.

10. Spray everything with epoxy primer/sealer.

11. Spray everything with 2K primer.

12. Block sand everything to 600 grit.

13. Finally, paint everything and wetsand with 1000, then 1500, then 2000 grit.

14. Polish with 3m Finesse It Rubbing Compund/ Glaze.

15. Wax

So far I am at well over 150 hours of labor for this stage (paint/body) of the build alone. Below are just some of the pics of the process... - The Story • March - Preparing • April - The Arrival. • May - More Building. • June - Still movin along. • July - I'm done! (minus paint) • Paint & Body Work • Finished Product!!! • New Page

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