- The Story
March - Preparing
April - The Arrival.
May - More Building.
June - Still movin along.
July - I'm done! (minus paint)
Paint & Body Work
Finished Product!!!
New Page


In April the real fun started. My Cobra arrived so I could start the real assembly.

April - The Arrival.

This month was very exciting, I finally received my baby...FFR1003892RD !!! I got right to work.

The First glimpse of MyKobra the very last drop off in the Stewart Transport truck.

Into it's new home.

The very first part gets installed! Front upper control arm. - The Story • March - Preparing • April - The Arrival. • May - More Building. • June - Still movin along. • July - I'm done! (minus paint) • Paint & Body Work • Finished Product!!! • New Page

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